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Making Connections,

to Reconnect WithIN



This work is all about Making Connections:


<< Discovering what is holding you back (via past conditioning and interpretations)

>> Uncover your full potential of a meaningful life



I offer in-person sessions that incorporate evidence-based, trauma-informed modalities

Sessions Cover:

*Anxiety, depression, self-esteem

*Chronic pain, trauma, anger issues

*Couples Counselling


Find useful information on connecting with happiness and authentic living


*Articles, videos, book reviews

So that you can make informed decisions in life!

Introductory Video for Connect-IN Counselling

Offering Individual & Couples Sessions in East Vancouver!

* Licensed Professional 

* Covered by Many Health Care Plans

* No Waitlist

* Great Transit Accessibility 

Counselling Services in the Heart of Commercial Drive

A community of diversity and acceptance.

Located just a 10 minute commute from Downtown Vancouver, this bustling European-vibe neighbourhood is a great place to find refuge, as well as explore--similar to what therapy can offer!

With access to the skytrain nearby, a bus-stop just outside the office building, and available street-parking, any transit concerns you may have had in the past are more than taken care of here at this hospitable locale.

What You Can Expect In a Session




Results Focused 


This attends to the recognition that we are social beings, and thrive when we are in connection with others. Much of the transformation in therapy is fostered through the therapeutic relationship--providing corrective emotional experiences that support growth.

Sessions are recognized as a joint venture that excel with teamwork. While the counsellor has their expertise in therapeutic training and holding the space, the client is the expert on their lived experiences and way of viewing the world. 

Symptoms are addressed from a holistic approach that acknowledges the mind-body connection towards health and wellness. Top-down processing that focuses on cognitions may also be complemented with bottom-up strategies which tune-in to the sensations of the body.

I value our time together, and recognize that ultimately this is an investment for change. Which is why I encourage forming goals that connect with your values, and following up at the end of each session to see where we were at. I also include takeaway notes for further reflection.

When it comes to mental health concerns, much of what typically gets perceived to be 'disruptive' or unwanted behavior was in fact adaptive ways of responding to challenging situations in our past which are no longer serving us. Highlighted are connecting with strengths and resources.

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Psychotherapy for Stress-Related Issues

Stress is an adaptive response to our environment which mobilizes us into action, via our fight-or-flight signals from our body's autonomic hardware. However, as a result of a number of factors, including traumatic life events and prolonged stress, our nervous systems will take a toll, including an impaired ability to regulate emotions.
Consequently, symptoms arise as a result of this continued distress-cycle, which range from psychological to physical in nature.
It is with this recognition of the dynamic interplay between the body affecting the mind and the mind affecting the body that a dual-focus approach can prove to be effective--offering treatment that addresses both the mental and somatic components to health and disease.
* Burnout
* Workplace Stress
* Caregiver Stress
* Compassion Fatigue
* Trauma / Complex PTSD
* Chronic Pain
* Irritable Bowel Syndrome
* Medically Unexplained     
* Anxiety + Depression

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For more information, as well as booking options, email or call me and we can connect soon!