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About: Dave Vass (MC, RCC)


I have been in the therapeutic field since 2013. I am a registered clinical counsellor, #16628, through BCACC (British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors.

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My Background and Interests

     Before pursuing counselling as a career, I was completing a Masters of Urban Studies program at SFU, fascinated by how thoughtfully planned infrastructure can facilitate healthier lifestyles. Halfway through the program, my interests became more personal, as I recognized the importance of attending to one’s inner life as paramount for establishing a more connected society. An opportunity to put my studies on hold and volunteer at a wellness center in Costa Rica came up, and I jumped at it. That year turned into a staff position as a full-time group and one-on-one facilitator, leading to two more years working abroad before coming back to Vancouver.


     While deeply grateful for the experiences, I began to appreciate the necessity for multiple approaches to work with each client. Being a firm believer in continual personal work and self-inquiry, I am continually looking for more ways to promote deeper connections that inspire an integrated life. My passion for this profession is expanding daily with my desire to grow as a therapist and fellow citizen, knowing that our interests are shared and mutually reinforcing.


* Clinical areas of interest include: trauma; dissociation; chronic pain; stress and mind/body connection; men’s issues; identity issues; couples work; anxiety; depression; life transitions



Additional Training

* Advanced Weekend: Mastering IFS - Deepening Your Core Practice (11/19/2023)

* Neuroscience-based Treatment Interventions for Complex Trauma Cients (08/25/2023)

* Stepping Stone: 16 Week Comprehensive IFS Course (04/27/2022)

* The Missing Dialectic: How RO DBT Differs from DBT (10/11/2021)

* Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy: Introductory Theory&Technique (09/30/2020)

* Multigenerational Trauma: Healing the Past to Heal the Present (06/10/2019)

* Certificate in Treating Complex Trauma with Internal Family Systems (02/06/2019)

Finding the Right Fit is Everything

Studies and personal experience have shown that the most important factor towards creating meaningful and sustainable change is through a therapeutic relationship based on a strong connection. There needs to be trust, respect and understanding.

Finding the 'right fit' is essential, and this is why I like to offer a free 15 minute phone consultation. It needs to be the right fit for you.

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