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What I Can Offer


Learn therapeutic tools and skills that help regulate anxiety

Chronic Pain 

Become adept at tuning into the body that addresses symptoms and fosters resliency


Address the causation of depressive symptoms, instilling hope and agency


Discover ways to properly process past material that restore aliveness and a felt sense of ease 


Develop more self-awareness and internal resources that promote confidence and compassion  

Anger Management

Uncover what is underneath the anger, and find ways in utilizing its energies more effectively

Finding the Right Fit is Everything

Studies and personal experience have shown that the most important factor towards creating meaningful and sustainable change is through a therapeutic relationship based on a strong connection. There needs to be trust, respect and understanding.

Finding the 'right fit' is essential, and this is why I like to offer a free 30 minute in-person consultation. It needs to be the right fit for you.

What's Included in a Session

A lot can happen in a 50 minute session and this is why I like to include 'Take-away Notes'. These notes are reflections from our time together, taken directly after the session, in which I may include statements made and themes that emerged for you, as well as possible relevant resources (ie. Tedtalks/articles). Take-away notes may help you remember what happened during the session and what you might like to build on in the next one.

The delivery of these notes is completely optional, with confidentiality being held at a premium. This is not 'homework' in the sense that you need to respond to them, or even to read them. They are at your disposal, to use what resonates.

Current Available Openings

Fridays  before 2:30pm

Wednesdays  after 3:30pm


* Having trouble finding a time that works for you? Send me a message, via, for other possible options.