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Connect-IN Counselling Update: Responding to COVID-19


In response to the critical state of our public health, as a result of the COVID-19 virus, I am heeding the advice of BC's medical professionals by shutting down my offices (more details found here:

While I do feel that counselling should be considered as an essential service for those in need, we are fortunate in the way that services can be offered via alternative/non-local means--which many other health care professionals cannot provide.

Therefore, going forward, I will be offering online and phone sessions only.

Recognizing how this pandemic will undoubtedly be affecting everyone financially, as well as mentally,emotionally, and physically, I will be reducing my rates to $85/hr for individual sessions, and $105/75 minute couples session.

* the online video platform I use is called 'Zoom'. It is a no-hassle, free service which is secure and protected (HIPAA compliant). All you need is to set up an account. At the time of the session, I just send you a link, you click it and check-in...that easy.

I recognize that people may have certain hesitations towards choosing the online modality. I've included some info below on the matter to help people determine if this would be suitable for you:

Concerns (C) People have Vocalized Are:

Ci) it doesn't offer the same sense of presence and connection with another in comparison to in-person sessions.

Cii) they aren't able to be alone for the online session, which would severely curtail their attention and level of comfort in talking about the 'tough stuff'.

i) While I can agree that nothing can replace the physical presence of in-person interaction, I have received some very positive feedback towards the online sessions. In fact, many who were initially skeptical towards this option were surprised afterwards by how well "it worked". And I would agree. My guess is because it still allows for the critical component of nonverbal communication that goes back and forth, creating opportunities for a felt sense of attunement, understanding, and "being seen".

ii) Many people are taking the opportunity to take these sessions mobile, via going out by themselves on a walk-and-talk--while still respecting the social distancing protocols. This could mean going out on a trail, or somewhere that is known to be more-or-less vacant. During this time of increased enclosures, any time outside is something to look forward to!

These are certainly stressful times. We have all been inconvenienced in one way or another. What astonishes me is the resiliency of the human spirit, and our ability to adapt to adversity.

Lets stay Connected, stay Protected, and of course...stay Healthy!

Dave Vass

Clinical Counsellor/Psychotherapist


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